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High Yield Automation’s VIS-2000-12 is the perfect system to manage up to 12 stations. This system comes complete with all power and communication cables. Call 1-855-449-4353 Ext. #1 to configure the communications cable lengths that you require for your system.

The VIS-2000 will deliver precise volumes of your water and or nutrient recipe to each individual station, and will promptly alert you if there are any issues that put your investment at risk. This allows you to address the issue immediately versus not knowing if there is an issue for several weeks causing irreversible damage to your crop. At High Yield Automation (HYA), we believe that providing reliable automation  WILL allow a higher level of real-time visibility, quality assurance, and efficient management, which in turn increases your investment’s overall profits!

The VIS-2000 12 Station system comes complete with the following:

  • 1x Main Controller
    • The VIS-2000 control center that controls everything downstream.
    • Comes with all required power and communications cables.
  • 1x 1.5 HP Pump
    • Delivers the water and nutrient recipe from your mix tank to your stations.
    • Comes with required power cables
  • 2x Automated 1 1/2″ Ball Valves
    • The Feed Valve is controlled by the main controller and delivers your recipe to your stations.
    • The Mix Valve is also controlled by the Main Controller and allows you to agitate your recipe mixture before it is delivered downstream.
    • Comes with required interconnect cables between the Main Controller and the Valves.
  • 1x Bank Controllers
    • The Bank Controllers are controlled by the Main Controller.
    • Each Bank Controller controls up to 12 Stations each.
    • Comes with all required power and communication cables.
  • 12x Station Nodes
    • Controls and reports the volume of water/nutrient recipe that is delivered to each individual station.
    • Connects to the Bank Controllers via the supplied communication cables.

Call 1-855-449-4353 Ext. #1 to configure the communications cable lengths that you require for your system.

All components of the VIS-2000 package go through extensive field testing in production growing environments. Integrated testing in the real world ensures that every system deployed will be successful, and function as expected.

In many cases, expectations are exceeded. Aware of the unique issues associated with water quality, nutrient viscosity, algae and bacteria growth, and pressure inconsistencies, the VIS-2000 delivers consistent customized irrigation to each and every station. And it does so with minimal maintenance from grow cycle to grow cycle. We use our own products to ensure our customers share in our success.

Built by growers, for growers.


  • Control PWR Requirement: (110VAC @ 2.2A)
  • Control power Cable: (NEMA 5-15P to C13 15A)
  • Accessory Connector Type: (M12 5-Position)
  • Telemetry Connection Type: (RJ-45, CAT-5 150′ MAX)
  • Dimensions: (W- 15.96″, H- 17.59″, D- 8.84″)


  • Pump PWR Requirement: (220VAC @ 9.6A)
  • Pump Wall PWR Cable Type: (6′ NEMA 6-20P to C19 20A)
  • Pump PWR Cable Type: (10′ C20 20A)
  • Pump Output: Up to 67 GPM
  • Construction: Corrosion Resistant Thermoplastic Design
  • Suction Port Inlet: (1 1/2″ Female Thread NPT)
  • Outlet Port: (1 1/2″ Female Thread NPT)
  • AUTOMATED BALL VALVES (Pre-Mix, and Feed Valve)
    • Connector Type: (M12 5-Position)
    • PWR Consumption: (12VDC @ <1.0A)
    • Inlet: (1 1/2″ Female Thread NPT)
    • Outlet: (1 1/2″ Female Thread NPT)


  • Control PWR Requirement: (110VAC @ <1.0A)
  • PWR Cable Type: (6′ NEMA 5-15P to C13 15A)
  • Telemetry Connection Type: (RJ-45, CAT-5 150′ MAX)
  • Number Outputs(Controls up to 12 Station Nodes)
  • Output Connection Type: (RJ-45)
  • Dimensions: (W- 8.00″, H- 5.875″, D- 2.25″)


  • Connector Type: (RJ-45)
  • Cable Type: (CAT-5, CAT-6 or CAT-7. 50′ MAX)
  • PWR Consumption: (12VDC @ <500 mA)
  • Inlet: (1/2″ Male Straight Thread)
  • Outlet: (1/2″ Male Straight Thread)

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